Company Details
Company Designation
Bio Group, Limited
Registered Trade Marks
BioMoz™, Flush & Spray™, BioBox™


Avenida do Trabalho No. 1795, 1º Andar, Caixa Postal 4098, Maputo - Moçambique
Environmental services, wastewater and water treatment & renewable energy.
Key Activity
Specialization in TOTAL WATER CYCLE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS: projection, manufacture, supply, installation, operation and maintenance contracts.
Company Type
100% Mozambican owned limited liability company
Legal Registration Entity Number
Trade License
Industrial License
VAT Number
Social Security Number
1110976 – 00/IINSS//2009
Registration of Scripture
Second Notary Office in Maputo, Paper number 248-D, pages 3-6, 07/10/2008.
Gazette Bulltin
Boletim de República number 43, 3rd series, 2008 Supplement [1], 754 Pages (7) to 754 (9) - 23/10/2008.
Body of Directors
Luís Manuel Gomes Lousada – Administrator Patricílio Gabriel Mucavele – Executive Technical Director
Social Objectives
Analysis, testing and laboratory certification;
Production and supply of electricity;
Construction, repair and management of power plants using biogas, biomass, alternative energy, thermoelectric and hydroelectric;
Training and placement of professionals specialized teams for specific activities to the subject;
Supply and rental of specialized equipment for the activities of the object;
Management of water, river, lake, sea and mineral resources directly to the company or to others;
Technical and financial consultancy in water and sanitation, wind and solar sectors;
Development, construction, installation, management, operation and maintenance of liquid and solid waste treatment plants;
Development, construction, installation, management, operation and maintenance of hospital and industrial waste incineration plants including toxic waste;
Investment projects.
Import and export;
Agencies and office in a foreign representations.
International Water Association (IWA) Corporate Member #01003365
Partner of Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SUSANA)